Residential Moving Services in New York

Residential Moving

Our employee training program emphasizes a personalized approach, respect, care and attention to detail. Every Dyno Moving employee is committed to doing whatever it takes to make your move right.

An Overview of Your Household Move



Your Relocation Consultant will assess your moving needs, explain your service options, and accurately estimate your costs. The Relocation Consultant will alert you to items that are not allowed on our transportation or have special requirements.

Compliance with Building Regulations

We will contact your building management company to obtain complete clarification of all insurance regulations. If required, we will provide proof of all insurance coverage for General Liability Insurance, certificates of Worker’s Compensation and any insurance endorsements. We will also meet any indemnity requirements. We can provide Masonite covering for hallways, should it be required by you or your building management company.

 Packing and Loading

Your Dyno Foreman, Driver and Packer do more than just fill the boxes and drive the moving truck. Foremen, Drivers and Packers are professional movers in charge of all aspects of physically moving your belongings.

This includes:

  • Using protective coverings to protect your home and items
  • Preparing a detailed inventory of items to be moved
  • Loading your properly packed and inventoried moving boxes and items into the moving truck
  • Providing a Bill of Lading/ Order for Service (a shipping contract) authorizing transport of your possessions
  • Finally, safely delivering your belongings to your new home
  • If you cannot be present at the time of loading, you’ll need to arrange for a responsible person to act as your agent in signing both the bill of lading/ order for service and the inventory list.


Your Foreman will prepare a detailed Inventory of the items you are moving. The professional movers will record each item on the inventory form. You should accompany the Foreman as they prepare the inventory, pointing out any special concerns or handling considerations along the way.

You’ll be asked to sign the inventory, as your acknowledgment that the pieces indicated were loaded and as verification of their condition prior to moving. Then, the Foreman will sign the form as well and present you with a copy. Keep this inventory with you for use at your new home.

The Foreman also will ask you to sign a bill of lading/ order for service. This is the contract by which you authorize Dyno Moving to transport your possessions and agree to pay for those moving services. The bill of lading serves to confirm the moving services performed, pickup and delivery schedules.

Delivery of Your Possessions

When your shipment arrives, you can help expedite the unloading process by having a room-by-room floor plan in mind, or better yet, on paper. Let the Foreman and movers know where you want moving boxes and other items placed as they’re unloaded and brought into your home. The Foreman and crew will reassemble any items they disassembled at origin.


Unless approved billing or credit arrangements have been made in advance, the Foreman is required by law to collect payment for your household move before your shipment can be unloaded. Payment must be made in cash or via credit card. No type of checks are accepted. A copy of the bill of lading signed by the Foreman will be your receipt.


If you have requested and paid for unpacking with your moving services, your Move Coordinator will arrange to unpack moving boxes at the time of delivery.